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Avon nailwear pro 3

I feel I’ve been away from here for way too long but being sick is the absolute worst and then I had to catch up on my real job. (Priorities are so not fun and fashionable.)

Anyway, it’s that time of year when we shop, shop and shop some more for gifts, trees, decorations and especially for us Caribbean folks, curtains and household items that may or may not serve a real purpose.

If there was ever a shopping season, it’s this. You know how it is when you’re in a shopping mood. Anything that jumps out at you has to become yours or you’ll dream about it for nights on end. . . r maybe that’s just me.

In any case, when I noticed Becky’s Beauty Box had a 50 per cent off sale, the bargain hunter in me couldn’t help it; it was time to get new nail colours.

orange creamsicle gunmetal bare essentials

From left to right: Orange Creamsicle, Gunmetal and Bare Necessities

Along with some other stuff, I got these three babies who now bring my Avon Nailwear Pro collection to six.

Avon nailwear pro 1

The older colours on the right from top to bottom:Blue Shock, Jade and Mulberry

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might’ve realized that I’ve been developing a nail polish addiction and I thought these would add to my growing stash.

If you notice the condensation on the older colours, that’s because I store them in the fridge. I don’t know where I picked up that tip from but I’ve been keeping my nail polishes in there for years and it really helps to prolong their life.

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and there’s much to be done but if you find the time, let me know what are some of the fun things you’ve picked up this holiday season.

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