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What I Wore in February


I put some effort into shooting more outfits this month so I have more to show you than I did in January.  Yay me!

There were a few days when I didn’t have time for pictures but for the most part, I stuck with the plan.

February was a mix of work and weekend outfits.

I’ll be on vacation for most of March so look out for a mix of chill and fun looks on my Instagram followed by another round-up here.

Outfit Post: Mondays Need a Pop of Colour

blue peplum13

So I think I’ve found one of my favourite outfits to date.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know I love me some peplum dresses. This is my first peplum top which I bought on Saturday at Nulook for just BDS$25. The only reason I didn’t buy one before was because I found them to be unnecessarily expensive. But this price was just right.

I didn’t want to wear it with plain black or grey so this printed skirt made sense. It still felt a little drab so I added the belt and necklace for a bit of colour. It was Monday and I had a very early start so I needed all the motivation I could get. I think this outfit did the job!

blue peplum 8

blue peplum 3

blue peplum 2