5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to the Office and 5 You Should

  Whether we like it or not, our appearance says a lot about us. This is especially true in professional settings since our appearance sends a message to co-workers, managers and customers. If we want to demonstrate that we are confident, competent and ready for work, we need to dress that way. Different work environments call […]

It Is Mine, I Buy Dat: In Defence of Dressing Up for Work

  (Bajans will get the Stiffy reference in the first part of the title. Everyone else can just focus on the rest.) Often someone at work will tell me I’m “dressed up” and ask if I have a date.  Someone will ask why I wore that dress “in here” when I could wear it “out”. […]

paisley wrap dress, blue and beige wrap dress

Outfit Post: Oh the Ease of a Dress!

I love the ease that dresses bring to my wardrobe. You should know by now I’m all about making it as stress-free as possible to create an outfit. Dresses  take some of the work out since there’s no need to coordinate a top and a bottom.  Just grab one, add shoes and a bag and […]

Why I’ve Ditched Button Downs From My Work Wardrobe

When I started shopping for work clothes in my late teens I did what I thought I was supposed to do: I bought button down shirts. They’re a key part of an office wardrobe, right? They were for a while but as my style has evolved, I’ve more or less worked them out of my […]

Shop Outside The Box (Outfit Post)

One of my biggest pieces of advice for women looking to develop their personal style is to shop as widely as possible. Often we end up with a handful of staple stores that we go to constantly. There’s nothing wrong with that since certain places will carry the brands and styles we love and special […]

Spotted on the Web: The 7 Deadly Sins of Office Fashion

Today I introduce a new feature. Spotted on the Web is going to include just about anything fashion and style related that I find online which really grabs my attention. It can be a shoe, a piece of jewellery or like today, some really good fashion advice. The 7 Deadly Sins of Office Fashion is […]

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