5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to the Office and 5 You Should

  Whether we like it or not, our appearance says a lot about us. This is especially true in professional settings since our appearance sends a message to co-workers, managers and customers. If we want to demonstrate that we are confident, competent and ready for work, we need to dress that way. Different work environments call […]

It Is Mine, I Buy Dat: In Defence of Dressing Up for Work

  (Bajans will get the Stiffy reference in the first part of the title. Everyone else can just focus on the rest.) Often someone at work will tell me I’m “dressed up” and ask if I have a date.  Someone will ask why I wore that dress “in here” when I could wear it “out”. […]

Uniform Dressing: Your Style Solution?

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I don’t have to wear uniforms at work. I always tell people it would kill my creativity if I had to wear the same thing everyday. Still, I get that some people  prefer the predictability that comes with wearing a uniform. I was chatting with a co-worker the other […]

Shop My Look – Grey Striped Dress and Pink Blazer

You may have seen this outfit already if you follow me on Instagram. I’m a little late posting here but better late than never, right? I love dresses but one of the challenges is that they’re often easily recognisable.  Wear the same dress too often and your look can get kind of stale. That’s where […]

Outfit Post:It’s All There in Black and White

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post here since these days I tend to post quick snaps on Instagram. Nonetheless, here’s what I wore on Friday. Black peplum top: Madame of London, Swan Street Pixie pants: Old Navy Shoes: The Shoe Palace, Colonnade Mall

Outfit Post: Dress For It

Happy Saturday! Fashion in Five will restart next Saturday but in the meantime, here are two outfits which I wore to work last week. Dresses make getting ready so much easier. For more ideas on office fashion and how to save time in the morning check out these posts: Six Pairs of Shoes You Need […]

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