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The Barbadian Designers Making Sure We Rep This Independence


Scrolling through my Instagram I couldn’t help but notice that some tridents and blue and yellow combos were popping up.

As we all know, Barbados is celebrating its 51st anniversary of Independence this November. It’s not usually a big commercial period but it’s good to see some designers are making sure we can rep our country in style.

I want to add to this list so if you or someone you know has Independence-inspired pieces, drop me a line.

Ashlar Designs has some bags in the works.


Bay & Bim has trident jewellery.


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Bead Gang sold out of these bracelets but it seems more could be on the way.


J’aime Crochet has swimsuits, several of them!

Choose Happiness, Choose J'aime Crochet😍

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Klutch Appeal’s trident clutches are available by order only.

Odboih is also in on the action.

Suga Apple Swim has you beach babes covered.
Daresque is another swimwear option.

Shop by Jahna: Wooden Jewellery Finished to Perfection

You probably won’t look at plywood in the same way again after you’ve seen and held  Shop by Jahna’s earrings and necklaces.

The brand has only been on the market since January but this is no timid entry.   Designer Jahna Agard’s debut line – the  Empress Collection – is made up of pieces  that are finished to perfection, ultra light and ideal for the style conscious woman looking for something new.

empress collection, jahna agard

Jahna was trained in both Garment Making and Interior Decorating but she chose jewellery as a starting point.

“I knew that I wanted to do something that would be close to my heart, something that I would be passionate about. After lots of thinking and such I said I wanted to go a different route and I wanted to take the jewellery route as opposed to starting with clothes,” she says.

Jahna Agard, empress collection


Citing her inspiration as “art, style and life”, Jahna took her time getting to know her materials, playing with different shapes and fine-tuning her skills.

“If you look around just in your environment there’s a lot of things that can inspire you. for me i would say seeing different shapes and putting different shapes together to bring something to life,” she says.

Jahna Agard, empress collection

The young designer has produced a line that reflects her personal style. However,  Shop by Jahna also has broad appeal.

“I think there is a piece of me in each design,  in that i have a very simple aesthetic. I’m not fancy fancy. I believe in being simple but being bold. I find people like to do a lot but sometimes you don’t need all of that to just make a statement, ” Jahna says.

Target Customer

Shop by Jahna is targeting the woman who wants to be unique.

“I feel so much joy when i hear people say wow that is  really unique. I like that because I know that is who I’m targeting . . . person with a willingness to express themselves artistically, ” she says.

The Empress Collection features statement necklaces and earrings in solid black and black and gold – symbols of strength and power.

The local market jewellery may be getting saturated but Jahna tells InMyWardrobe she is pleased with the reception to her line. She believes there’s space for everyone.

“Once you know who your target is and you know which direction you’re going in,  I believe everybody can survive. The vision I have may not be the vision another jewellery designer may have. People want variety,” she says.

Jahna’s plans for the rest of the year include learning about the medium and industry in  which she is working. She also wants to build regional connections and maybe even expand into bags.

We at InMyWardrobe can’t wait to see what she does next!

If you want your Shop by Jahna piece, check her out on Instagram.  (Give her at least three days to finish your item.)







Accessories are my drug… Featured Store: Vibrant

Yesterday I promised I would be featuring one of my favourite places to shop in celebration of InMyWardrobe’s first month-iversary.

Well I deliver on my promises! Except the place isn’t really a place. (I’ll explain in a bit.)

As you may have figured out by now, I love accessories. What you may not know is that some of those I’ve worn in previous posts come from… *drumroll* ….Vibrant!

For example: the necklace I wore here and the bracelet here.

This online store is based in Barbados and is forever tempting me with its affordable range of unique earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

From the first day I saw that ad on the side of my Facebook I was hooked. And I swear each set of new stock is more tempting than the last. Customers have the option of picking up their goodies or having them delivered. I choose delivery because I like getting colourful packages brought to me in the middle of the day lol.

A friendly piece of advice: If you see anything you like, order right away because these girls are fast!

So, without further chatter, here’s some of the Vibrant stuff I’ve welcomed to my wardrobe over the months. I really didn’t realise I had so much until I went looking for them to photograph …. *shame*, well *shame-ish* because I really do love and wear them all.

Hope you enjoy!

I honestly never realized I really like pink beaded stuff until now!

This bracelet goes with everything in my world. Maybe it’s because I kinda wear turquoise like it is black…