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Iman Estie Makes A Comeback

It can be hard for a brand to make a resurgence but Brandi Estwick is ready to do big things with Iman Estie .

The line was launched back in 2012.  It rocked local runways and Brandi even showed at Concept Studios in Hollywood in March 2013.

Iman Estie
Founder/designer Brandi Estwick.

Unfortunately, she soon parted ways with a business partner and hit a rough patch. This forced her to take a hiatus.

“I had given up, to be honest. I felt like no matter what I tried, after trusting the wrong people, it kept backfiring on my business. Even when I tried to return, there was always a set back in my way, so from 2014 to 2016, I thought about it all. Was it worth it anymore? Do people really like my stuff? Did people ever really see my creativity (since I was following the direction of a manager prior to laying low)? ”

Brandi also had some personal challenges in the form of recurrent miscarriages.

“During such trying times, a lightbulb went off. It taught me to push despite all odds. I took all of my experiences and developed a plan. I started to believe in me like I never did. I wanted to prove that I can get back on my feet and made a vow that at the end of 2016, I would start the social media accounts,  and by 2017 I’d be up and running again and here I am today! “

Iman Estie
Brandi’s first love was actually interior designing although she studied Clothing & Textiles at secondary school.
“I studied Interior at Barbados Community College, graduated and immediately started work in that field.  However, from secondary school I started to design my own clothing because I was so tired of going out and seeing everyone in the same thing. My debut was at a school cruise and I got such an overwhelming response in regards to what I was wearing. Many asked where I got it from and that’s when I initially decided that it would have been a side hobby. I made it a thing to start rocking my own designs whenever I had an event and it worked.”
Iman Estie

What’s in a name?

“Iman Estie is actually a combination of my middle and maiden name, which is Iman & Estwick.  Given that a select few used to call me Estie/Essie for short, I wanted a smart way to incorporate the two without using my first name. When I said it out loud, it had an international ring to it and it stuck.”

Brandi is currently offering chic, ready-to-wear semi-casual apparel.  It is in keeping with her personal style which leans toward minimalism. You’ll find simple pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Iman Estie

The garments in this post which were shown at Bimhaus recently are just a smidgen of what is to come.

“What you saw was the overall feel to my label. Chic minimalistic w/ a hint of street catering to strong, busy, iconic women who love to be fashionably comfortable.”

Iman Estie

Iman Estie’s e-commerce website is in the works but in the meantime, orders can be made via  Instagram or email (shopImanEstie@gmail.com). Just screenshot a picture from the page or describe which piece you’re interested in & and submit that along with your size and colour preference.
*Bags by Something Samarah.
*Photos by Reco Moore.

Too Much Talent on this Rock 3: Iman Estie and Pink Lemonade

More Bridgetown Alive Meets Saturday in the City! Today, Iman Estie by Brandi Estwick and Pink Lemonade by Rotchelle Parris.

Take a look back at Shakad Designs and Alexis Campbell Designs, enjoy and let me know which look is your favourite.

*All photos mine.*

First up Iman Estie….

Then Pink Lemonade….

Too Much Talent on This Rock 1: Shakad Designs

Over the weekend I attended Bridgetown Alive meets Saturday in the City – an event designed to draw more activity into our beautiful capital.

It included a fashion show entitled Celebrating Independence Through Fashion where models showcased the lovely work of some of our young local fashion designers including Brandi Estwick with Iman Estie, Orlando Williams’ LindaBelle Creations, Alexis Campbell Designs and Rotchelle Parris’ Pink Lemonade.

Today I highlight Shakad Designs by Shanika Burnett and I will do the others in the coming days.

The thing I love most about Shakad is that no two pieces are alike since they are all hand-dyed individually. And then the colours are so vibrant and effortlessly Caribbean, it’s hard not to love them.

Hope you enjoy and remember to leave a comment about which is your favourite.

*All photos by me*