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Barbadian lingerie designer launches second collection

Melanie Thorpe has done it again! The designer behind LaVern lingerie has launched her SS18 collection and it is hot! It’s clearly for bold women who are comfortable in their skin and unapologetically sexy. There are currently five pieces but two more will be added soon.

Melanie shared a bit about the collection with InMyWardrobe following a sizzling showing at the first edition of Bimhaus for 2018.

On her inspiration:

I can’t ever say I’m inspired by one thing per se when I create a collection. My designs always begin with a particular intention and the result never matches said intention. I believe I’m inspired by the process of sitting and sketching and seeing where it goes but there’s always a small detail in that first sketch that interests me and my repetition of that detail keeps my collection cohesive.

On the materials she uses:

I mostly work with mesh because it creates the most beautiful accents for lace. I also work with lace and I recently incorporated velvet and a small amount of printed stretch spandex into my designs. I’m experimenting with those last two materials!

On the LaVern woman:

I always envision a woman who doesn’t care what people think. I like fearless women. I always think about this quote when I think about a LaVern babe, ‘well behaved women never made history’

Yup, this collection is definitely for badass women!  We wait (not so) patiently to see the two additions to an already awesome collection.

 *Pictures by Reco Moore.)

What I Wore in February


I put some effort into shooting more outfits this month so I have more to show you than I did in January.  Yay me!

There were a few days when I didn’t have time for pictures but for the most part, I stuck with the plan.

February was a mix of work and weekend outfits.

I’ll be on vacation for most of March so look out for a mix of chill and fun looks on my Instagram followed by another round-up here.

What I’ve Been Wearing Recently

I hardly post outfit photos here anymore; Instagram became my outlet for that. Going forward I’ll be highlighting my favourite outfits each month but for now, here’s what you’ve been missing out on if you don’t follow me on Instagram.

Rocking my @pinklemonadebyrp dress. 😄

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Today’s #ootd on a very windy day.

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And the #ootn…

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Rocking one of my faves tonight 😁

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Twenty-nine isn’t looking too bad… #birthdaygirl

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Simplicity. #pompasettebrunchparty

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Today's super girly look. 📸@recomoore

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