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10 Questions With Jerrianne Alleyne of J.Riviera

If you like your clothing breezy and easy to wear, J.Riviera is the brand for you. Designer Jerrianne Alleyne launched the Pineapple Beach Collection recently and the pieces were all perfect for island weather. Here are ten things to know about her and the brand.

j.riviera, jerrrianne alleyne
Designer Jerrianne Alleyne (centre) with models wearing the Pineapple Beach collection at Bimhaus.
1. How did J.Riviera get started and what’s behind the name?

I started working on J.Riviera over a year ago, at first only taking custom orders. J is the first initial in my name, and Riviera set the tone for everything I wanted my brand to represent, as there is a very coastal feel to my style.

2. What are some of the products you offer?

Our Pineapple Beach Collection(which was resort wear)varied from simple linen tops, and wrap skirts, to beautifully beaded maxi dresses. Unfortunately some of the items are sold out, but we have an amazing project launching just in time for Valentine’s day so keep your eyes out for our Instagram page.

j.riviera, jerrrianne alleyne

3. Who is the J. Riviera woman?

Our brand caters to women who value comfort, want to feel beautiful, and chic, but aren’t afraid to show a little skin 😉

4. Which types of fabrics do you like to work with the most?
I prefer using natural fibers such as linens, and cottons. It’s hard to achieve the same level of comfort with synthetic fibers.
j.riviera, jerrrianne alleyne
5. Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m inspired by my very frequent trips to the beach, music, movies, and sometimes prints or colours while I’m shopping for fabric.
6. Are there any designers you look up to?

Christian Siriano. He has an amazing work ethic, gorgeous style, and he’s achieved so much at such a young age.

j.riviera, jerrrianne alleyne
7. What do you enjoy most about fashion design?
 I love that the sky is the limit as far your creativity is concerned.
8. How does your personal style influence your designs?
 I’m an Island girl through and through, so whether I’m working on street-wear or lingerie it’s reflected in my designs.
j.riviera, jerrrianne alleyne
9. Where do you see J.Riviera in another five years?
 We’re working on making J.Riviera available at a few boutiques, and also open a few boutiques of our own in the near future.
10. How can we get our hands on some J. Riviera goodies?
We take orders via Instagram or email, and we’ll also be available at a few pop-up shops over the course of the next month. All information and dates will be posted on our page.

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From the Catwalk: Pompasette Brunch Party Highlights

Another Pompasette event, another impressive display of  fashion design talent.

I’ve been covering Pompasette-related fashion events since 2013 (Pomp Wknd at the time) and I have never been disappointed with the design talent on show. Last year’s pop-up shops also made it easy to purchase Caribbean-made clothing and accessories. This was a much-needed outlet for both designers and those of us who love their work.

This year I attended my first Pompasette Brunch Party. It featured 24 of the leading designers from Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. In addition to being an exciting fashion show, the event raised $5 000 for Variety, the Children’s Charity.  

Toni Thorne once again curated a fantastic line-up of talent.  I loved pieces from every designer so choosing favourites is hard. However, there were some collections that I thought really made an impact.

Let’s start with 13-year-old Aerin Ewing-Chow. Her first collection was youthful and whimsical but still sophisticated. Aerin’s pieces were perfectly accessorised with fascinators by Candi Nicholls.

Aerin Ewing-Chow

Aerin Ewing-Chow

One collection is challenging enough but Alexis Campbell managed to present two distinctly different lines. Both were fire!

Alexis Campbell, Pompasette brunch party

Alexis Campbell, pompasette brunch party

Kesia Estwick is nothing if not bold. Her collection was called Wild AF and that it was! Sexy, daring and totally Kesia.

Kesia Estwick, Pompasette brunch party Kesia Estwick, Pompasette brunch party

I love seeing Kimmysticclo on a runway. Kimon Baptiste-St Rose from St Vincent  and the Grenadines presents colours that pop and garments that move well and I’m here for all of it.

Kimmysticclo, Kimon Baptiste-St Rose,

Kimmysticclo, Kimon Baptiste-St Rose,

Out of Trinidad and Tobago, Lisa’s Fabrics offered up some vibrant hand-dyed silk dresses.

Lisa's Fabrics, Pompasette Brunch Party

I loved the crisp white pieces from NiaChris Designs (extra marks for the pockets.) The incorporation of African prints and clutch bags added to the collection.

Niachris Designs, Pompasette brunch party

Niachris Designs, Pompasette brunch party

Shakad Eco Wear is always, always stunning. Just look:

Finally, S.M. Warner from Trinidad and Tobago. These hand-painted designs were excellent! The fact that the collection was all black and white meant the focus was solely on the intricacy of the designs. What’s not to love?

SM Warner, Pompasette brunch party

Photos from all 24 designers are over on the InMyWardrobe Facebook page so go on and check them out! All photos are by Nu Visual Media.



Fashion Caribbean 2017 in Review – Part 2

It’s not everyday that young, emerging designers get the opportunity  to share a catwalk with their more experienced counterparts. (Part 1 of review here)

That’s why I have to give full props to Image Modelling Agency of St Vincent and the Grenadines for choosing six “Fresh Faces” to open FLOW Fashion Caribbean 2017.

The mini collections were definitely on-trend with asymmetry, ruffles and off-the shoulder looks. The pieces were not necessarily boundary-pushing but they showed some creativity. After seeing some of the older designers’ full collections, I’m sure the youngsters walked away with lots of inspiration.

First on stage was Elpatrena’s Designs by Elpatrena Findlay.  The 19-year-old college student presented a mini collection entitled Futuristic Passion.

Elpatrena's Designs, Elpatrena Findlay Elpatrena's Designs, Elpatrena Findlay Elpatrena's Designs, Elpatrena Findlay Elpatrena's Designs, Elpatrena Findlay

Next up was Virtuous Designs by Owen Paul. He presented four pieces unambiguously entitled Modern Tradition. The collection was intended to be worn to parties, formal events, church or pageants.

Virtuous Designs, Owen Paul

Virtuous Designs, Owen Paul

Virtuous Designs, Owen Paul

Virtuous Designs, Owen Paul Virtuous Designs, Owen Paul

Tyreek Isaacs’  presented The Weekend under his brand Moziz. It was a collection centred around a weekend getaway for teenagers.

Moziz, Tyreek Isaacs Moziz, Tyreek Isaacs, Fashion Caribbean 2017 Moziz, Tyreek Isaacs Moziz, Tyreek Isaacs


Sheer simplicity from Olive Art Designs

Olive Art Designs by Christal Oliver showcased a collection called Direction which stood out  in its simplicity. The perfect pairing of outfits with handbags only made it more impactful.  It was not surprising to read that Christal has been designing accessories since 2009.  Her experience showed.

Olive Art Designs, Christal Oliver, Fashion Caribbean 2017
Olive Art Designs, Christal Oliver Olive Art Designs, Christal Oliver Olive Art Designs, Christal Oliver, Fashion Caribbean 2017

Next up was Atiah Stephens. She displayed her love for vibrant colours as she presented three pieces under the brand Tia – la Mode.

Tia la Mode, Atiah Stephens Tia la Mode, Atiah Stephens Tia la Mode, Atiah Stephens Tia la Mode, Atiah Stephens

Closing out the fresh faces was Molly Rose by Saflana John. Her vibrant floral pieces were quintessential Caribbean.
Molly Rose, Saflana John

Molly Rose, Saflana John, Fashion Caribbean 2017

Molly Rose, Saflana John

Molly Rose, Saflana John

Molly Rose, Saflana John, Fashion Caribbean 2017

I can’t wait to see what these designers do next. Check out InMyWardrobe’s Facebook page for a full album from Fashion Caribbean 2017.