Olé Love: A Socially and Environmentally Conscious Barbadian Brand

During this year’s Pompasette Brunch Party the Olé Love collection grabbed my attention. Almost everything the models wore was produced under the brand: bags, necklaces, ponchos, pashminas, headbands. They coordinated beautifully yet gave off that “oh I just through this on” look. I had to find out more about the brand and of course, I […]

Bev’s Bespoke takes you on journey through jewellery

  Don’t be surprised if Bev’s Bespoke is soon known for the best handmade costume jewellery around. That’s the goal of the mother and daughter duo of Beverley Catline and Natasha Laughton. If the display I saw at their recent launch event is just a taste of things to come, they are already well on […]

The Barbadian Designers Making Sure We Rep This Independence

  Scrolling through my Instagram I couldn’t help but notice that some tridents and blue and yellow combos were popping up. As we all know, Barbados is celebrating its 51st anniversary of Independence this November. It’s not usually a big commercial period but it’s good to see some designers are making sure we can rep […]

Reflecting On Curls Nite Out Summer Edition

Do you.  Take risks. Silence those inner voices.  No, this isn’t some random cheesy motivational post. But it is a different kind of event recap. I knew Curls Nite Out wasn’t going to be just a hair event but I don’t think I quite expected these themes to come through so strongly.  I don’t know if […]

Curls Nite Out -The Summer Edition

If you spend even a little time on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably come across tons of natural hair meet-ups, usually somewhere in the States. And you’ve probably wished you could attend so you could chat with fellow curlies and admire all the different textures and styles that make up the natural hair community.  Or […]

Why an Image Consultant Could Change Your Life

It’s that time of year when many of us either make resolutions or simply hope and plan for a better year. Whether it’s our relationships, finances, careers or education, most of us have hopes and dreams we want to achieve.  In addition to those goals, some of us also want to improve the way we […]

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