Peacesbyanya: Accessories with Afro-Caribbean Flair

Peacesbyanya is a brand of African and Caribbean-inspired accessories and apparel but Thonya Joseph wants it to be more than that. She is building a sisterhood. The Barbadian business is only a year old but it is already making an impact. “We are overwhelmed by the response and support that the brand has received thus […]

Ronna Watson, RW Couture Designs

Ronna Watson Gets Creative with RW Couture Designs

  You name it and it seems Ronna Watson of RW Couture Designs either makes it or plans to make it. She creates jewellery from fabric, wire, rope, leather, feathers, beads and crystals but also learned to use clay and metal. Ronna tells InMyWardrobe she made her first wedding band a few years ago and […]

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