What I Wore in February

  I put some effort into shooting more outfits this month so I have more to show you than I did in January.  Yay me! There were a few days when I didn’t have time for pictures but for the most part, I stuck with the plan. February was a mix of work and weekend […]

All the Style Advice You Need To Start A New Year

  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably caught at least a couple pieces of fashion advice during my #12daysofstyletips series in December. I promised to pull all the tips together here and expand on them or share links to previous posts which offer more details. I don’t like breaking promises so […]

7 Steps to Getting Started with Makeup

Thinking back on my totally clueless makeup years I remember feeling like getting “all made up” seemed like a lot of hassle. I am the epitome of low maintenance so that never appealed to me. I slowly crept into this magical world of transformation – while initially overwhelming – and truly came to appreciate the […]

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