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What I Wore in January


I’ve been making an effort to shoot more of what I wear so I’ll try to do a recap for each month this year.

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If IG isn’t your thing, here’s some of what I wore in January.

Bajan blogger, fashion blogger, inmywardrobe, in my wardrobe

Bajan blogger, fashion blogger, inmywardrobe, in my wardrobe

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What to Wear for a Day at the Spa

The spa for me is one of those places that’s just so amazing that it’s almost magical. You go in with tired skin and muscles or nails that you’ve been using as tools and you come out all glowing and relaxed.

In our haste to get to that magical destination we may forget to dress the part but wearing the right outfit can make things easier for both you and your therapist/aesthetician.

what to wear to the spa

Here are a few tips for the next time you’re getting ready for a spa day.

  • Dress for relaxation.

I don’t know about you, but jeans or anything else with buttons and zippers just don’t fit into my spa experience. I prefer loose and comfortable dresses which give me that airy, cool vibe even before I’m in sight of the spa. Plus they’re easy to take off and put back on if you’re getting a full body treatment like a massage, scrub or wrap.

This leads me to my second tip:

  • Consider the treatment you’re having. Since facials often go beyond your actual face to include your neck and shoulders, it makes sense to wear either a strapless dress or top or one with thin straps that can easily be pulled down. If you wear a collared shirt, you’ll have to take it off completely (and cover with that towel/wrap thingy the spa offers). If your shoulders and neck are bare to start with, then you only need that to protect your clothing.
  • If you’re getting a pedicure, remember to wear flip flops or sandals that are very easy to put on since the last thing you want to do is smudge that gorgeous nail polish before you even pay the bill.
  •  Bonus tip: If possible, leave home any accessories that you’ll have to take off right before your treatment. So for facials, avoid earrings and necklaces and for manicures, gives your rings and bracelets a rest. The spa isn’t the place for a loud arm party anyway!

Do you have a preferred way of dressing for the spa?

 *This post was originally published on April 13, 2013 and updated May 19, 2016.*

Work Flow: Caribbean Style

People will stare. Make it worth their while. – Harry Winston


One of the awesome things about living and working on an island is that the beach is never far away. And since so many conferences and events take place at South Coast hotels, I’m often tempted to run off and take a dip in the sea.

(Un)fortunately common sense usually gets the better of me. This time I settled for taking photos with the palm trees and beach in the background.


This was Wednesday’s outfit and after two days of dresses I figured I would give the girly vibe a rest. I still had to have my fun though so I brought out my purple pants which I think add a little bit of Caribbean to Corporate. I chose a classic white button down and since black shoes seemed too harsh.. .grey leopard it was. I really do love me some grey leopard and of course my Guess bag.


Caribbean girls, do you ever add bits of island style to your work outfits?