Life is Short;Buy the Shoes

For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.
― Seo Min Hyun

Patent leather Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto, I love you!

I love these shoes! They make me all of five inches taller, they’re actually pretty comfortable and they just generally make me happy when I look at them. In fact, even the box makes me happy. Plus they were on sale. And after discovering that Bridgetown stores apparently don’t have many shoes with spikes, I figured why not just go for shiny and sky-high.

PS.They can pass for black but they’re actually a really dark burgundy which you can pretty much only tell in the sunlight.

Right, so this was the dress I wore last weekend to the Barbados Music Awards. It came from local online store Funky Fresh and it was simply me. Black and white, peplum, classy.

Natasha @ BMAs 2013

The clutch is Bijoux Terner like so many others I have and I really like how it adds that pop of colour I’m such a fan of. It was last seen here on my birthday.

Pink Bijoux Terner clutch

These are the  super long earrings that save me when none of my necklaces seem to work and this multi-chain bracelet is probably about six or seven years old since I remember buying it for a Harrison College pageant. Some things really do stand the test of time (and my changing tastes).

Silver chain bracelet and earrings

Drop me a line and let me know which of your accessories have been with you for the long haul. And remember to like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter and look out for a new feature coming soon. 🙂

*Second photo by Patient Spirit Productions. All others by me.

Trend I’m Feeling: Studs and Spikes

Happy New Year!

By now I hope everybody has settled down after the holiday period and for those of you who made resolutions, that you’re putting in the work necessary to see them through.

I’m interested in hearing your style resolutions so you can pop over to the Facebook page and share. Also, I’ve added a new element to that page: the Daily Fashion Tip-off where I share bits and pieces of advice from around the web on topics ranging from shopping to making the most out of your wardrobe. I welcome tips from readers as well so feel free to pitch in.

With that out of the way, today we’re talking studs and spikes!

Studs and spikes

Since Fall 2012 studs and spike have made their way onto almost every items of clothing from  otherwise simple dresses and jackets to bold knuckle clutches and ever-so-dangerous-looking shoes.

Once upon a time, studs and spikes would’ve been more likely to be associated with words like “grunge”, “rocker” or “rebel” but I would venture to say they have made their way into the mainstream. Even the most girly fashionista can probably find something to suit her taste.

Shoes with spikes

Although I love the edge they bring to dresses and jackets, I’m blown away by the way shoe designers have embraced the trend. From ballet flats to block heel boots to heelless wedges, from budget or no name brands to high end designers like Giuseppe Zanotti, shoes in my opinion have never been sexier. There’s something literally fierce about shiny spikes on a heel or even more intriguingly, a toe.

And since I suspect my style is going to become a little edgier this year and I’m super tempted to let my shoes lead the way.

What about you? Are you a fan of the studs and spikes trend or are you cool with letting it pass?

Let the Accessories Speak

“I’m not content with just wearing a T-shirt and jeans everyday. I love fashion and I love playing with it.” – Vanessa Hudgens

jeggings, racer back, coconut necklace, braided belt

You know those days when you don’t know what to wear?

I had one of those Saturday before I went into town. But for once I decided to be rational instead of digging through my drawers like a crazy person.

I chose a simple base of jeggings and my go-to racerback tank then I let my accessories do the rest. The coconut shell necklace was one of my must-buys on my Antigua whirlwind trip and I paired it with a braided belt and those lace-up wedges which I really love for weekends (last seen here with the same jeggings).

In the end I thought it came out pretty well and I realized I really love pairing shades of brown with black these days.

coconut necklace and braided belt

Guess bag, coconut necklace, braided belt

lace up wedges

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Not too grown up to play dress up!