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5 Reasons Shopping is So Addictive

Some people find shopping to be a chore. They only do it when necessary and they don’t get particularly excited. Then there are the rest of who just love the entire experience. Well, maybe not the part where you have to hand over your cash or card, but definitely the rest of it. Have you […]

The (Mis)adventures of Swimsuit Shopping

How many swimsuits do you try on before you find the perfect one? I tried six whole pieces before I found one I could live with.  I like it but were I shopping for a dress or shoes, I might’ve tried a few more options before making a purchase. This was honestly one of the […]

Links à la Mode August 2 or Some Blog Posts You Should Read

This week I had the pleasure of being included in Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode round-up for the second time. My post on Barbadian brand Peacesbyanya made the cut. If you’re not all caught up in the weekend’s festivities, take a look at some of the other posts which made the list. You’ll find […]

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We Made IFB’s Links à la Mode Round-up

InMyWardrobe made it on a list. Independent Fashion Bloggers is an online community which gives bloggers the tips and strategies we need to create and survive out here in these streets. My post on office dressing made the Links à la Mode list for July 5. Check out the full list below and give the other bloggers […]

Lisa's Fabrics, Pompasette Brunch Party

InMyWardrobe in 2017: A Recap

  There are several blog posts I wanted to write and projects I wanted to execute that I didn’t get to do this year. However, when I think about the fashion events I attended and the posts I managed to complete, I feel like I at least got something done. Let’s recap. Barbadian and Caribbean designers showed […]

Event Alert! Fleas on Fleek Pop-Up Flea Market

I always get excited when I hear about pop-up shopping events. Stores are great and all but pop-up shops are more social and often more fun. Plus there are often bargains to be had. So when Malou Morgan reached out to me about this Pop-up flea market concept, I knew I had to share it […]