All the Style Advice You Need To Start A New Year

  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably caught at least a couple pieces of fashion advice during my #12daysofstyletips series in December. I promised to pull all the tips together here and expand on them or share links to previous posts which offer more details. I don’t like breaking promises so […]

How to Prep for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

It’s the most wonderful time of year! No, not Christmas just yet. It’s the time we prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and really and truly, at least two weeks of sales. Some online stores start offering deals well before Black Friday and what used to be a weekend of special prices has now become […]

Fashion And Beauty Stores Offering Free International Shipping

  Caribbean online shoppers will know how this goes. You find an item on a website at a reasonable price then shipping fees, customs duties and taxes double or even triple the cost. I can’t help you with the latter two levies but I was quite happy to find some sites that offer free international […]

8 Reasons Your Style Game Is Struggling

Consider this your ultimate style guide to start the year. Even if you’re not into New Year’s Resolutions, January is as good a time as any to start making improvements in your style game. Impressions matter and people see us and form opinions even before we speak. If you want your outfit to say good things […]

6 Types of Work Shoes To Amp Up Your Wardrobe

If you’re from the Caribbean you probably grew up hearing you only need brown and black work shoes. They go with everything right? When I first started working I believed that too and if you’re now starting out, you should have these basics. However, if you want your work outfits to have major impact, you should […]

what to do with one earring, single earrings

Fun, Easy Things You Can Do With Single Earrings

I don’t think I have to explain what led me to Google this topic. Many of us have single earrings that we can’t bear to throw away. Whether you’re holding on because of sentiment or because the piece is just too cute, the good news is you can re-purpose that earring. Reader’s Digest  has five […]