7 Museums for Fashion Lovers

I’ve viewed classic Chanel pieces, marvelled at Dior and closely examined centuries-old garments which influenced modern designs. However, I’ve never been to a couture fashion show in London or Paris and obviously, I’ve never travelled back in time. At least not literally because museums do have a way of transporting me to another era and […]

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Fashion from Behind: A Visit to Brussels’ Fashion and Lace Museum

If you’ve ever read one of my fashion show reviews, you would know I hold a special place in my heart for garments that are impactful from the back. The front is important but I love to see something exciting when the model turns. I also love when a fashion show photo captures the back […]

New Year, New Wardrobe?

Happy New Year! New years often bring new things. Like this new site, for instance. I’m quite excited about all the possibilities which I can explore over the next 12 months and I hope you are as well. I’m sure we all have plans relating to finances, careers, relationships and other serious things but what […]

Make “Casual” Stand Out This Old Year’s

In my last post I offered some outfit suggestions for more dressy events. But if you’re just attending a house party or hanging around waiting to watch the fireworks, you’ll want something more casual. However, you’ll probably be taking tons of pictures of all the fun you’re having and you don’t wanna look boring. Forget the […]

Go for the Gold (Dress) This Old Year’s

(I was tempted to say New Year’s but in Barbados we call it Old Year’s.) Anyway, Christmas Day and the mad shopping rush have come and gone and the big night is approaching. Black or black and white have always been the things to wear when saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another. However, […]

This is so me! Rihanna’s Third Collection for River Island

Rihanna’s third and final collection for River Island goes on sale in selected stores and online tomorrow. However, pieces have been available for pre-order and a few have already sold out online. This collection is quite sleek with lots of black and some gold as well a red tartan and a few dashes of floral […]

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