Face Shapes, Necklines and Choosing a Necklace

What do you consider when choosing a necklace to buy or wear? Many of us think about what will coordinate best with the rest of our outfit/wardrobe or simply what catches our eye. Those  two factors are important butyou should also give some thought to the length of the piece and if it complements the shape of […]

How to Get Ready in A Flash Part 2

At the start of this year I did a post on how to get ready quickly since many of us are so pressed for time in the morning. If you have all that covered and wanna try something new, here’s what I came up with when I went back to work after vacation a few […]

6 Necklaces To Help You Make A Statement

They’re great conversation starters. And if you’re like me and prefer your clothing to be quite simple, they help to amp up the wow factor of any outfit. Yes, I’m talking about statement necklaces.  They available at several price points, in metals, plastics, fabric, wooden beads … name the material and I’m the necklace exists. […]

5 Midi Rings Handpicked Just For You

Some jewellery trends are fleeting while others come and stick around for a while. Midi rings fall into the latter category and I can see why. They’re unusual since they’re worn above the knuckle; they’re thin and dainty which makes it easy to double or triple them up and they’re usually quite cheap which means […]

100% Bajan: The 5th Element Experience

We all know by now that I like shopping. But I also like buying locally-made products. There’s just something about supporting your own that makes that shopping high even better.  Usually the cost can be prohibitive so I tend to opt for jewellery rather than clothing even though I really want to buy Bajan clothes […]

Fashionably on Time: Watch Trends

A wristwatch probably doesn’t seem all that important anymore. These days we have myriad devices which do way more than tell the time: laptops, tablets and of course that smartphone that’s practically an extension of your hand. Still, I believe the timepiece is timeless AND stylish. There’s no reason why you can’t see it as […]