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Ronna Watson Gets Creative with RW Couture Designs

You name it and it seems Ronna Watson of RW Couture Designs either makes it or plans to make it.

She creates jewellery from fabric, wire, rope, leather, feathers, beads and crystals but also learned to use clay and metal.

Ronna Watson, RW Couture Designs
Manager of RW Couture Designs, Ronna Watson.

Ronna tells InMyWardrobe she made her first wedding band a few years ago and recently started making bow ties and jewellery for dogs and jewellery for dog and cat’ lovers and owners.

There’s more.

“I design inspirational words/ sentences for T-shirts and will be featuring a clothing line in the very near future along with sandals designs. I also manufacture wristlets and bags,” she reveals.

RW Couture Designs


Told you she did it all!

If you’re wondering about the backstory, you’ve come to the right place.

RW Couture Designs started out as  Simply Divine Creations  and has been in existence since February 2010.

Ronna says she always believed she needed to show the world her creativity. She also saw becoming a jewellery designer as a great opportunity to become a part-time entrepreneur while at home with her daughter.

RW Couture Designs

She underwent basic wire bending training with Angela Went of Angelique Creations and currently, beaded and wire pieces have proven to be the most popular.

Rope accessories are also catching on.


Ronna says a lot of her inspiration comes from within.

“I usually communicate with the Creator and His guidance is seen in the products. There is a peace that is always evident on completion of the pieces as I am guided by Him. In addition, I love to create unique pieces and that is largely due to my uniqueness,” she says.

RW Couture Designs

Unsurprisingly, Ronna designs for ladies who “embrace their unique style and embrace their unique personality”.

“They are usually quiet and calm but have a necessary fierce personality when required. They are confident in themselves. Most of my clients are mature ladies ranging from 25-55 years old,” she explains.

RW Couture Designs

If you think I’ve told you all that Ronna makes, you’re wrong. She also manufactures unique home decor pieces including burlap and cotton table mats, some of which are reversible.

This very talented lady with the gifted hands plans to have a one-stop store in the near future but in the meantime, you can reach her on Facebook, Instagram and via her website.

You can also email


Pompasette Popup Haul and Other Goodies

My love for a good shopping experience is well-documented along with my love for things Caribbean.  Local and regional designs in one location makes for easy, convenient shopping.

Unsurprisingly, this year’s Pompasette Popup Shop at the Barbados Museum once again had me in my happy place.

If I had no financial limitations, the damage would’ve been real but since I had to pace myself, I made four purchases.

1. A tee from SMWARNER artwithattitude. You may remember those gorgeous hand-painted pieces from the Pompasette Brunch Party.

2. Printed earrings from Peaces by Anya. I recently came across this brand and I’m definitely liking the options.

3. Necklaces from The Crop Pop Up Shop. The options were endless and gorgeous but I limited myself to just two.

4 . This wrap from Wrap Crush. Headwraps are often my weekend go-to and I can’t wait to play around with this one!

Now for all the things I left behind…

RORI wrap belts from Sew Lisa.
Colour Riot Jewelry
Colour Riot Jewelry
Warda Marica of Suriname.
Sanianitos sunglasses
Studsz 868
Tautology goodies.
The Crop Pop Up Shop.
The Crop Pop Up Shop.
Wilhelmina Heart
Wilhelmina Heart
Peaces by Anya.
Peaces by Anya.
Peaces by Anya.
Carnivalista tights and pasties.
Wire bras and earpieces from Skin and Needle.
The Crop Pop Up Shop.
SMWARNER artwithattitude

See you again next year!

Oser Créer: Necklaces That Match Your Personal Style

Fashion, as we all know, is about creativity. And while sometimes we set out to create a particular look, other times it comes together unintentionally.  Maybe two colours we never thought about pairing suddenly look great next to each other. Or the outfit that’s put together in a rush turns out better than the ones we agonised over. Or a necklace we created just for ourselves is demanded by others. Ok, maybe this particular example isn’t applicable to everyone but it is true for Jalisia Boxill.

Oser Creer, Jalisia Boxill

She didn’t intend to launch a line of necklaces and earrings made from wool but it happened and now Oser Créer’s pieces are in high demand, especially from the artsy, creative crowd. (Oser Créer is French for dare to create.) Jalisia shared her story with InMyWardrobe on a particularly hot, humid day in Church Village Green, Bridgetown.

“I was in town looking for some jewellery and I saw this beautiful necklace that was in gold. It was like a chunky statement necklace and I said that would be so different if it was recreated in wool, wool not in the crochet method but just in its raw state. I bought some wool and I tested it out and came out really nice and from there ideas were just coming so I was making for myself,” the image consultant recalled. One of her friends saw her wearing one of the necklaces and bought about four bundles  of wool and ordered a number of pieces.

Oser Creer, Jalisia Boxill

As the cliché goes, the rest is history. People are stopping her in the street to ask about her accessories, clients are ordering their favourite pieces in several colours, and stylists are having fun working with the necklaces. Jalisia now has big plans for what started out as a personal project, including showcasing at local fashion shows. “I want to do full lines. I also want to blend it with my other business Royal Impressions and create a full packaged look so you have the clothing that comes with these accessories. I also want to see if I can sell them wholesale in different stores,” she said as the unrelenting sun beat down.

With plans for heavy marketing in place, the pageant queen (Ms Single and Progressive 2015) also wants the necklaces to serve as inspiration for others. “I want them to be marketed differently; not just like an everyday necklace [but] something that bloggers can blog about [and] fashion designers can say ‘well I’m drawing inspiration from your pieces and I want to create a whole line for them,” she noted.  The clock of the nearby St Michael’s Cathedral chimed as it struck eleven, as it has for generations. Its classic sound is in contrast to the bold, fun pieces Jalisia would soon don for her photoshoot with Nu Visual Media.

Oser Creer, Jalisia Boxill

In fact, it’s her eclectic personal style which inspired her initial design.  As each piece was being created, the idea for another was birthed.  The young designer is admittedly still trying to determine how best to cater to the tastes of her growing customer base. That’s good news for those who like unique pieces since you can work with her to create your perfect piece. Or as Jalisia puts it, Oser Créer is a brand you can make your own.“I want [the necklaces] to be fun. I want them to transition and vary through personalities so I wouldn’t say that I have a target audience. I’m saying these are personality-driven necklaces so if you believe that you can carry them, then you gravitate to them,” she explained.

Oser Creer, Jalisia Boxill

It probably goes without saying that Jalisia believes accessories are important to an outfit but if you need some convincing. . . . “I really think that your accessories make or break your outfit because you can have on a simple vest and a normal jeans pants and accessories just lift it and turn it into classy attire or semi -formal attire. It is really essential to find an accessory that is suited to your neckline, your complexion, your personality and what you’re wearing,” she said passionately as we wrapped up our chat and prepared for her photoshoot.

Oser Creer, Jalisia Boxill