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A while back I did a post on fashion and beauty websites which offer free international shipping. The response to that post was great so I thought I’d let you in on a discovery I made last year. ships to Barbados for just £6.99. That’s about BDS$20.

I’m not sure how long this was the case but I genuinely felt like I’d been missing out all along. I’ve always liked Boohoo’s selection of clothing, the fact that they have petite sizes and their prices but I don’t know if I ever checked their shipping fees. Maybe I  just assumed shipping from the UK would be expensive. I truthfully don’t know.

Either way, that’s all in the past now! I was a little cautious about purchasing from the site so I opted to get just a few cheap pieces. Here’s what was in my order.

Paying £42.99 for six pieces including shipping was not bad at all.  (There’s a top not pictured that I got for my mom.)

I ordered on November 27, the order shipped the next day and arrived in Barbados shortly before Christmas. At one point in tracking the shipment I realised it left the UK and was in Belgium and I got a little concerned but that was unfounded. Turns out they knew what they were doing and the package eventually made it Barbados. When I got the notification from the post office to collect it, I was finally able to breathe.

Now the Customs duty on clothing is 60% and then there is 15% VAT and 20% NSRL which should be applied. In my experience, the post offices do not always hold fast to that so you may still feel like you got a bargain after paying the applied duties. That’s how I felt. Still, my advice would be to budget for the correct amount when you go to collect packages.

Everything pretty much fit true to size although I could have gone up a size with the velvet dress. Overall, I was pleased with the items and I would definitely order from Boohoo again.

Where do you find clothing deals online and how do you find the shipping? Drop me a line and a link!


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