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Re.Create Fashion Competition: The Details

Do you or someone you know like re-inventing clothing?  Can you get creative with cloth?  Are you convinced you have latent design talent?  Well this post is all about an opportunity to show off your creativity and make a name for yourself.

The Re.Create Fashion Competition hosted by Fifth Element is a challenge for aspiring Barbadians designers to create something new from old clothing. The deadline for entries is August 28 so don’t lag if you’re interested. Email to enter.

Fifth Element Designs, Re.Create

Publicist of Fifth Element Designs Inc. Michelle Doyle answered some of my questions about the contest.

Q:  Tell me a bit about the Re-Create contest and what prompted you to start it.

A: Re.Create is one of the four lines of The 5th Element brand, ready-to-wear clothing which is produced by Fifth Element Designs Inc.
 The Re.Create fashion design contest serves three main purposes:
i. to create an additional exciting fashion event in Barbados;  (ii) to find designers for the Re.Create brand; and (iii) to provide a business opportunity to Barbadian designers.  Among the prizes are the chance to design for The 5th Element Re.Create brand, or become the brand designer, as well as earning royalties on the sale of the design; there is also the chance to participate in a catwalk presentation in a fashion show. These prizes provide the business opportunity.

Q:  Are you targeting any particular type of designer?

A: While the  competition targets  new and young designers, the contest is open to anyone who can design; for people who are trained  in fashion and garment construction, or not trained at all. I know there are a lot of people who can design and may not have the technical ability to construct  their designs themselves, so the contest  targets them too. It also targets people who can make a garment  themselves, or can refashion a piece of clothing into another; it targets anyone who has not been trained in fashion design or in garment construction. The contest targets everyone who is creative with cloth.

Q: What’s in it for the winner?

A: There will be one top prize for the Best Design, which will be a photo shoot.
Q: What about those designers who don’t win? What do they stand to gain?
A: The prizes include the  selected design in a catwalk presentation, manufacturing of the design under the Re.Create brand, and opportunity to become a Re.Create designer.

 Q: How does this benefit the local fashion industry?

A: This particular contest offers several ways to stimulate activity within Barbados’ fashion sector. One way is that it will actually attempt to create the business of buying and selling designs, and manufacturing those designs. An important element in this entire contest is the recycling component, in which previously worn clothing, clothing people no longer wear or want, can be refashioned into a new garment. The contest also allows people who work in ‘isolation’ to meet like-minded people to channel their energy, assist them in getting their designs in the public eye/domain.It also adds another event to the fashion calendar.
Re.Create DesgnContest Rules-2

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