Flight Fashion: How to Always Look/Feel Fab

Between packed flights, stringent airport security rules and all the other issues that come with travelling, it’s almost expected that travellers will look a wreck by the end of their flight. Yet it’s almost impossible for a day to go by without a fashion or entertainment magazine or site dissecting a celebrity’s airport outfit. The focus is always on how a model, singer or Kardashian managed to look chic while still seeming comfortable. (I realise I made Kardashian seem like a job title and maybe it is.)

Anyway, a couple years back I talked about how to dress to make it through airport security easily. Now I want to talk about how to pack and dress to make it through the flight without ending up looking terrible. It’s not actually a skill reserved just for celebrities.

Flight fashion

1. Choose fabrics that won’t wrinkle.  You may get crammed into the middle seat on a long haul flight.  You may have to sit in a train or bus for hours on the way to the airport. You may try to curl up and sleep on an overnight flight. No one will know if your clothes aren’t wrinkled when you rejoin the rest of society.

2. Plan to dress in layers. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer.  You may be hot  while waiting on the tarmac but you could very well start to freeze at 30 000 feet. Your flight may be delayed leaving you in a cold airport for hours or long customs and immigration lines may have you stuck with the AC on full blast. You will regret wearing shorts and a tank top then. Make sure have an open front cardigan, cozy jacket or large shawl with you. This will also come in handy later in your trip when museums/theatres crank up their AC in response to high temperatures.

3. Wear comfortable shoes with socks or ballet flat liners.  You don’t want to get your trip off to a bad start with blisters and the like while standing in those long lines I mentioned earlier. You also don’t want to pick up any germs when security makes you take off your shoes. Who knows what the traveller before you had on their feet? Plus you may want to be able to take off your shoes when you get on the plane without having to actually touch the floor.

Bonus: This is more about skincare than fashion but it does help with looking put together after the flight. In your little TSA-approved ziplock bag, make sure you have products to combat the harsh AC and recycled plane air. Think a good hand cream and lip balm and whatever usually addresses your particular skin and hair needs. Just remember you can only take a travel-sized amount.  And drink water! Dehydration will always make you feel worse.


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