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Outfit Post: Oh the Ease of a Dress!

Blue and beige wrap dress

I love the ease that dresses bring to my wardrobe. You should know by now I’m all about making it as stress-free as possible to create an outfit. Dresses  take some of the work out since there’s no need to coordinate a top and a bottom.  Just grab one, add shoes and a bag and jewellery and you’re ready to go.  I suggest  buying  both simple, solid colour dresses and ones with more distinctive patterns or silhouettes. The latter for if you want to stand out and the former if you want a pared down look or a canvas for bold, fun accessories.

I know a lot of women feel like dresses can be limiting because you can only wear them one way but that’s far from the truth. Jackets, cardigans, necklaces, scarves and other accessories can easily help to switch up your simpler dresses. You can decide what to do with the dresses that are really memorable: rock them whenever you want and not care if people notice or only pull them out infrequently.

These are a couple of looks I rocked recently. BTW, I got the wrap dress from the Fleas on Fleek Pop up Flea Market for just $15 and it was extremely comfortable to wear. I’m thinking I need to get more wrap styles in my wardrobe.

wrap dress blue dress blue dress and fuchsia belt (1)

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