Fashion in Five April 24, 2016

Happy Sunday! Here are today’s links, Prince and Beyonce included since the legend’s death and the release of Lemonade were among the most talked-about events on social media.

Fashion in Five new

1. Prince wasn’t just known for his music. He had a distinct sense of style and  Vogue has been exploring it.

2.Vogue also breaks down Beyonce’s Lemonade style.

3. If you’re looking for Spring trends to try, Popsugar has 11 from the runways.  Check out my post about bare shoulders if you missed it.

4.  If the wrap skirt trend is your favourite, InStyle has some suggestions about how to wear them.

5. Curvy girls, Ashley Graham has some tips for finding the perfect jeans via WhoWhatWear.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s reading. Have a productive week!

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