Shop Outside The Box (Outfit Post)

One of my biggest pieces of advice for women looking to develop their personal style is to shop as widely as possible. Often we end up with a handful of staple stores that we go to constantly. There’s nothing wrong with that since certain places will carry the brands and styles we love and special sizes we need or simply have convenient locations. We may even simply love the service. However, sometimes we can get a surprise when we go into a store we often ignore.

blue and white polka dot dress

That was my experience in S.A.S Enterprises or “Sass” as Bajans call it . If you’re in Bim you know that store has some of everything. It’s not a store I shop in but it’s where I found this [and another] belt. The range of colours and styles was actually quite good and I have to admit I was shocked.

belt with bow buckle

So my challenge to you is to at least browse a store you normally avoid. Whether you stay out because you think the items are too cheap, too expensive or simply not your style, give it a shot. You just might get a pleasant surprise!

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