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The travel bug, wanderlust. . . call it by any other name and it is the same thing: my insatiable desire to experience a new country or city.

It translates into me finding it very difficult to stay in Barbados when I’m on vacation. I really did intend to stay home for the first part of my vacation this year but then I was browsing a couple months ago and I realised airfare to Dominica was just about $300 if I booked the online only fare. I love a decent price so what was a girl to do?  By the time you read this my 3-night/4-day  adventure will be in progress!

Since it’s such a short trip I really wanted to make the most of my time. At first I assumed I could approach Dominica in the same way I did St Lucia in 2013.  I’d  looked up St Lucian tour providers online and contacted them via email. About a month before my trip I could ascertain which days group tours would be available and how much they would cost.

Not so with Dominica. The frequent response I got was that tours are conducted when there are enough people. That may be OK for groups or people with a lot of time to spare but as a solo traveller with a short time frame, the back and forth and uncertainty just wouldn’t cut it.

Then I stumbled across Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, an eco-friendly property with which I fell in love at first sight. They offer a  Jungle Spa Adventure package which includes airport transfers, daily scheduled hikes and activities,  meals, morning yoga and spa treatments. All this while being accommodated in a cottage perched high in the jungle and steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. They call it “barefoot luxury” and I’m really looking forward to experiencing it.

Jungle Bay (3)
One of the highly perched Jungle Bay cottages. (Photo compliments Jungle Bay.)
Jungle Bay (1)
The interior of a cottage. (Photo compliments Jungle Bay.)

I plan to hike along the  Glasse Trail, visit Sari Sari Waterfall and take in Roseau and Trafalgar Falls as well as a nature walk to White River and the Atlantic Ocean. And of course, I want to pause, read and just take in the view.

Jungle Bay (2)
A view of Martinique on a clear day at Jungle Bay. (Photo compliments Jungle Bay.)

Access to wifi will be limited but I’ll be sure to share some photos on Instagram when I can so please go follow me if  you haven’t as yet.

In the meantime, have you been to Dominica? What did you like most? Sound off in the comments.


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