What’s Under There? Making Sure Your Bra Fits Right

What's Under There-

A little while back I did a post on eight types of bras women need. Today I’m following up with a focus on how to get the best fit. Badly-fitting undergarments  can ruin an otherwise perfect look (and make you quite uncomfortable).

This post will look at some of the most common problems with fit and what you should do to fix them. It’s by no means exhaustive so if you want to ask about a specific issue, go right ahead,

But first, you must know your size. If you can, get measured by a professional. You can find them in the lingerie section of major department stores but if that’s not an option for you, do your own measurement. Check out these detailed instructions from Good Housekeeping. Once you’ve determined your size, just bear in mind it may vary from brand to brand. Also, your size may change throughout your life due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy or hormonal changes.

Find a store with a wide selection of brands, sizes and styles where you’re more likely to find your perfect fit. When you get in the dressing room  there are several things you should check for before you make a purchase. So yes, set aside some time for this and don’t rush.

Now here’s what to look for when you try on a bra.

bra fit

1. Do you look like you have four breasts? This is a sign that the cups are too small and you need to go up a size. That means you’ll also have to go down a band size. I.e. If the 36B cups are too small but the band is fine, try a 34C.

2. Is the middle of the bra is lying flat in front. If there’s a gap between your chest and the bra, it could be either too big or too small. If it’s an underwire bra, it could be that it’s the wrong shape for your body. Simply put, the bra doesn’t fit so on to the next one

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3.  Is  the back of the bra isn’t riding up. If loosening the straps doesn’t fix it, it’s too small.

4. Does the band stay in place when you move? Don’t just stand there! Move around, raise your hands above your head, dance a little. See if the bra moves. If the band slides up over your breasts, it’s too loose.

loose bra...wrinkles

5. Do the cups shouldn’t wrinkle or have gaps at the top. If adjusting your breasts doesn’t work, it could mean the cups are too big or just aren’t shaped right for your body. Try a different band or style.

6. Are you comfortable? The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders and the underwire shouldn’t be digging into your chest. Adjust the straps and band to see if any discomfort can be alleviated before you move on to another option. Make sure underwires are well cushioned as well.

You have several things to worry about on any given day or night and the discomfort of your bra shouldn’t be one.

Still to come in the What’s Under There series: panties and shapewear



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