6 Gift Ideas for the Fashionistas in Your Life

November is quickly nearing its end and if you want to beat the Christmas shopping rush, you had better get started now. If you have fashionistas on your list of people to shop for, you may feel like they already have everything.

I’ve been known to threaten to keep the gifts I bought for my friends on more than one occasion. And while I’m sure that sounds terrible, you’ll feel the same way if you buy any of the items on this list. Seriously, I want them all for myself.

Nonetheless, it is the season of giving and I guess we can all share the love for the holidays. Most of us shopaholics treat ourselves year-round anyway.

I chose items that I know are available in Barbados but those of you who are overseas should be able to find them easily as well.

For the ladies who love nail polish:

If you’re shopping for a nail polish addict like me,  the OPI Top Ten gift set is perfect. It contains ten miniature versions of the most popular selling colours by OPI and provides a chance to experiment with a range of colours without committing to a full sized bottle.

Available at Cave Shepherd
Available at Cave Shepherd

You can also mix and match some Butter London polishes with Lippys. If she’s fascinated by colour, your gift will sure to be a favourite.

butter london
Available at Urban Corner Cosmetics Bar, Lanterns Mall

For the ladies who love makeup:

Speaking of lip products, you can also consider Mac Mini Kits. These include Lavish Lip Gloss sets in Coral, Pink and Nude, Tastitints Lip Conditioner and pigments and glitter feature five jars for smoky eyes.

Available at Mac Limegrove

For the ladies who love perfume:

If she keep up with trends, celebrities and celebrity trends, Rogue by Rihanna may be ideal.  The fragrance is described as a flirtatious and sensual oriental, containing accords of lemon blossom, cyclamen, jasmine, rose, plum and suede over a base of musk, woods, patchouli, vanilla and amber.

Available at Cave Shepherd

But if she’s the independent type who marches to the beat of her own drum, forget the mass market perfumes and give her Esteban’s Tourbillon de Thé. This is described as “a harmony of tea energised by citrus fruits, delicately blended with rose and jasmine, set against a musky-vanilla background”.

Available at Pure Source Barbados, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

For the ladies who are always on the go:

If she’s always on her feet or constantly jet-setting, you’ll find it hard to beat Holistic Silk brocade slippers. These massaging silk and brocade slippers come with removable magnetic insoles. The magnets help to aid circulation and pain relief whilst the textured parts of the insole provide a soothing reflexology foot massage, creating an overall feeling of balance and wellbeing. Wear for approximately 3-4 hours a day. Great after a long day or after wearing high heels and perfect for in-flight comfort especially long haul as they help to alleviate swollen feet and ankles.

Available at Pure Source Barbados, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre
Available at Pure Source Barbados, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

Will you be putting any of these on your wish list? Do you have any other fashionista-friendly ideas to add? Let me know in the comments.

Post Author: Natasha Beckles

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