Bridgetown Barbados Fashion Week: What I Wore

I know I wrapped up my coverage in the last post but I was reminded that I never shared my outfit photos so here goes.

First night: This was the Chinese-style top I mentioned in my one of my Toronto posts. I was quite happy to finally find one in Kensington Market. I paired it with my super comfy H&M grey pants and comfortable shoes since I would be on my feet taking photos.

What I wore night 1

Night 2: This the skirt I got for $10 that I also mentioned in the same Toronto post. I love the patchwork and since it was such a busy combination of print and colour I rocked it with a plain black tee. I couldn’t resist adding the green necklace though. Black ballet flats completed the look.

what i wore night 2

 Night 3: I got this dress from local online store Funky Fresh ages ago but never wore it. I grabbed it for the final night and paired it with these lace up shoes which I bought on a whim a few years ago and wore a few times. It’s nice to have “archives”to pull from 😛What else I wore night 3

So there you have it!

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