Why I’m Warming Up to Rihanna for River Island


If you read my post about Rihanna’s first collection for River Island, you would know that I wasn’t too impressed with the clothes but I loved the boots.

This time around, I still have major love for the boots and shoes but I also love some of the clothes.

Last time I felt that only RiRi herself could pull off most of the pieces. But while the “bad gal RiRi” vibe is very much there for her second attempt, many of the items are still very wearable. The basketball jersey inspired dresses aren’t my thing but I know some of you out there could make it work.

She went heavy on the camo but there are also some black, black and white and striped pieces.

Here are some of my faves. Let me know what you think in the comments!

*Photos from fashionista.com. You can view the full gallery here.*



camouflage sweater

camouflage sandals river island


camouflage boots river island

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