Spotted on the Web: The Boots That Saved Rihanna for River Island

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Rihanna’s collection for River Island was (surprisingly?) underwhelming. And while I think she’s the only person who could pull off most of the clothing pieces, the boots really piqued my interest. They’re edgy, dramatic, as you would expect from the Bajan star but they’re also quite wearable.They’re what saved the collection for me.  In fact, my favourite pair, the first one below, is currently sold out online. Which ones do you prefer? And what do think about the entire Rihanna for River Island line?

black ans beige rihanna cut out boots
black rihanna trucker boots

black rihanna cut out boots
beige rihanna trucker boots

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5 thoughts on “Spotted on the Web: The Boots That Saved Rihanna for River Island”

  1. I really like the line because of how wearable it is. You can definitely see her input in the design because every piece that came out, I had a vision of her in it across the front page of a gossip blog. I purchased the maxi skirt and it’s super comfy and sexy showing so much leg. However, I can’t wear that in Barbados as it’s a sweater material and would keep me too hot and, unfortunately, with sweater material, it stretches. So even though I ordered my size, I should’ve gotten a size down to accommodate that but I wore it to her concert and got compliments and stares. I guess it’s also up to you to decide how you want to make her pieces your own, that people will ask “where is that from?” and not know straight away it’s from her collection. 🙂

    1. Yes Symone, I think a lot of it was definitely her style. I didn’t love it but I’m sure others like you found pieces that can fit in with their wardrobe. Thanks for reading. Don’t be a stranger 🙂

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