There’s Always Time to Shop


If you read yesterday’s post you would know about my super quick trip to Antigua on Friday and how I insisted on buy something from the airport despite being pressed for time. Hurried shopping seems to be becoming a habit….

coconut layered necklace

The layered necklace (which is made from the coconut shell) takes me back to my teens when I was all about earth tones. Since then I’m more in favour of adding pops of colour to neutrals but I fell in love with this anyway and I can’t wait to have some fun with it.

orange beaded necklace

The orange beaded one is one of those (possibly few) pieces I can safely say duplicates absolutely nothing I already own. There have actually been times when I said “I wish I had an orange necklace” so I know we’re going to have a long and happy future together.

orange beaded ring

And then there’s the ring…. The ring was main a fun buy since it almost covers three of my rather tiny fingers but what can I say? Dressing up is supposed to be about the unusual and silly!

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