Pairing Black and Brown: Just Wear It Like You Mean It!

Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better.” -Margaret Oliphant

Growing up in Barbados in the 90’s and even early 2000s there were a few fashion rules that were drilled into your head with “matching” being the overarching theme.

You didn’t wear gold and silver together or mix patterns and you most certainly did not wear brown and black together.

Even in 2012 when colour blocking is “in” some people would still frown on pairing these two dark colours.

I say wear them…. But wear them like you mean it! Brown and black combos shouldn’t look like you just grabbed random items from a pile and threw them on. You have to choose carefully so you strike that right balance.

If you’re not used to pairing the two, I would suggest starting with leopard print clothes or accessories where most of the work is already done for you.

It so happened that for two days this week I ended up wearing brown and black. In the first case, I focused on animal prints while the second time around it was all about solids.

Do you still consider black and brown combinations to be taboo?

Post Author: Natasha Beckles

Natasha Beckles is a freelance copyeditor, writer and content creator. She has over a decade's experience in both traditional and online media. In addition to blogging about fashion and travel, she uses the written word to help brands and individuals tell their unique stories.

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