Blue,Yellow and Black! Independence Month Preview

It’s InMyWardrobe’s second month-iversary today!

And just yesterday we were accepted into the Caribbean Style Bloggers network so I want to extend a huge welcome to my fellow bloggers from the region who are viewing this page for the first time.

Even though there are so many fashion blogs out there it’s quite hard to find Caribbean sites so I look forward to discovering some like-minded people from this neck of the woods.

Today also marks the start of the month of independence in Barbados and needless to say this blog is going to be featuring some blue, yellow and black outfits.
But, and this is a huge but, don’t expect me to mimic the flag. I love to see the ultramarine, gold and black blowing in the wind like any other Bajan but that doesn’t mean I need to wear it.

Every year around this time and especially on Independence Day (November 30) I end up raising an eyebrow at some of the outfits some people put together in the name of patriotism.

Represent this little rock by all means but show some of the creativity we have here. Play around with different shades of blue and yellow so it doesn’t look costume-y.

(And before anyone accuses me of not being a proud Bajan, my views are the same when February 14th rolls around. No need to kill me with red and white).

With that out of the way, please look out for my first outfit idea tomorrow and don’t forget to tell me how you plan to show your colours this month.

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