Stockings, heels and happiness

Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop.

I’m gonna shamelessly agree with Bo Derek here. This outfit made me happy.

Plus I wore it to the uber fancy Limegrove Lifestyle Centre which always fills me with much glee. Of course I *had* to get a photo taken in front the Louis Vuitton storefront (after I gazed longingly at the shoes that cost at least my month’s salary.) No worries though, someday they’ll be mine and we’ll live happily ever after… or something like that.

Right… moving smartly along! Like I noted in my previous post, the fitted skirt and racer back tank is a super versatile combination. Minus the stockings, heels and necklace this outfit is rather casual and rather affordable (read: cheap) but with them, I felt and looked all dressed up.

I’ve honestly fallen in love with these stockings so don’t be surprised if they keep popping up on this blog.

What’s your go-to outfit no matter the occasion?

*Pictures by Amery Butcher.*

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