TGIF but…

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.

Today’s quote is from Miuccia Prada and it’s quite fitting.

This was a dressier than usual Friday outfit for me. I really couldn’t decide what to wear that morning and I stared InMyWardrobe, pulled open drawers and looked wherever my clothes often hide. As time ticked away I knew I HAD to choose something. Something that looked effortless but still pulled together.  I had an interview with a CEO whom I was meeting for the first time but it was Friday so I wanted some colour…TGIF and all that.

The bandage skirt was a lifesaver. It’s super flattering and it doesn’t need ironing. Perfect for any busy young woman. I have a thing for cardigans because they’re relaxed but still professional. Then came the purple top for a touch of fun.  I thought I could add a bit more colour without looking crazy so out came the turquoise belt! Along with that was the turquoise button and bead bracelet. Those were the only bright colours; shoes and bag were black, earrings and necklace set were understated. Perfect balance between professional and interesting… at least I think so…

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