Fun, Easy Things You Can Do With Single Earrings

I don’t think I have to explain what led me to Google this topic. Many of us have single earrings that we can’t bear to throw away. Whether you’re holding on because of sentiment or because the piece is just too cute, the good news is you can re-purpose that earring.

what to do with one earring, single earrings

  1. Reader’s Digest  has five suggestions including using it as a bulletin board tack, making a magnet and creating an instant button.

2. This video from iVillage also has some cool ideas.

3. If it’s an expensive earring you lost,  the Diamond Lining has some solutions including having the stone placed in another piece of jewellery.

4. These ideas from xojane are really for vintage clip-on earrings but some can work for single earrings as well like decorating a bag or headband.

I hope some of these ideas help you to find a new purpose for your left over pieces. If you try any,  feel free to share your pictures with me on Facebook or Instagram.


Ignore Those Fashion “Must-Have” Lists

It would seem that without knowing me, what I like or what my lifestyle is like, every fashion magazine or website knows exactly what I need in my wardrobe. They also know the must-haves
 you, your best friend and her sister need, apparently.

Why else would headlines like 10 Affordable Staples Every Busy Girl Should Own, 10 Things Every Woman Must Own, 30 Fashion Staples To Have By 30 and Must-Have Fashion For Spring 2016 be everywhere?

If you’ve spent even a few minutes browsing any other publication aimed primarily at women, you’ve no doubt come across them.  I’ve done a few “things you need” posts myself. (Lists and “must-haves” are great for search engines). At some time or another you’ve probably gone through these lists checking to see if your wardrobe meets these “requirements”. If it doesn’t, don’t feel like you’ve failed anything. Truth be told, the only things every woman needs in her wardrobe are those which she, and no-one else, deems to be absolutely important.

Fashion must-haves

What is “essential” or “basic” for a full-time student is way different from what a corporate executive with a busy after work schedule needs. And when we take into consideration things like body type, age and most importantly, in my mind, personal preference, the whole idea of every woman needing the same items seems a tad unlikely.

If the two paragraphs above sound slightly familiar, it’s because I pointed this out back in 2012 soon after I started this blog. At that time I still listed my personal wardrobe essentials but I feel like I’m anti-list right now. I’d identified the following as things I had to have, things I would replace them almost immediately it they faded, tore, stretched out or anything like that.

  1. Black pants and skirts
  2. White button-downs
  3. Assorted belts
  4. Animal prints.
  5. Pearls.
  6. Work appropriate red shoes and bag.
  7. Black pumps for work and play.
  8. Black cardigans.
  9. Strappy tops in black, brown and white.
  10. Ballet flats especially in black and brown.

Four years later, I still stand by all the black items and ballet flats. But the rest? I’m neither here nor there because my style has evolved. All I really need is a cohesive wardrobe with pieces I like and stuff I can have fun with.

What about you? Is there anything you really need in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments.


Black and White Combos and Why They’re Everything

black-and-white-polka-dots, black and white

If I were to write a cheat sheet for easily putting together fabulous outfits, three combos would be on it. I wrote about my peplum top and pencil skirt “uniform” already as well as my love for dresses.

So what’s the third thing? Black and white, especially prints. You may have  noticed that I have black and white polka dots, window pane prints, florals, stripes and abstracts ranging from skirts to dresses and tops.

black-white-polka-dots, black and white

Why I love black and white

This is the case for two reasons.

  1. I naturally gravitate towards black and white prints for some unknown reason. Give me three pieces to choose from and you can guess which one I’ll probably like. I tried to fight it at one  point since I felt my wardrobe could use some diversity but I’ve all but given up.  If I like something in a different colour, of course I’ll buy it but if it’s the black and white that catches my eye, that’s what I’m getting. #doingme

black and white

2. Choosing an outfit is simple. This goes back to what I talked about in my post on uniform dressing. Knowing what I have and how it all works together saves me tons of stress. Black and white is the perfect canvas for brightly coloured  jackets, belts, shoes and jewellery. It also works with simple silver, gold and pearl accessories for a classy, understated look. What’s not to love?


Let me know which colour combos you go to time and time again.

… Not too grown up to play dress up!