Black and White Combos and Why They’re Everything

black-and-white-polka-dots, black and white

If I were to write a cheat sheet for easily putting together fabulous outfits, three combos would be on it. I wrote about my peplum top and pencil skirt “uniform” already as well as my love for dresses.

So what’s the third thing? Black and white, especially prints. You may have  noticed that I have black and white polka dots, window pane prints, florals, stripes and abstracts ranging from skirts to dresses and tops.

black-white-polka-dots, black and white

Why I love black and white

This is the case for two reasons.

  1. I naturally gravitate towards black and white prints for some unknown reason. Give me three pieces to choose from and you can guess which one I’ll probably like. I tried to fight it at one  point since I felt my wardrobe could use some diversity but I’ve all but given up.  If I like something in a different colour, of course I’ll buy it but if it’s the black and white that catches my eye, that’s what I’m getting. #doingme

black and white

2. Choosing an outfit is simple. This goes back to what I talked about in my post on uniform dressing. Knowing what I have and how it all works together saves me tons of stress. Black and white is the perfect canvas for brightly coloured  jackets, belts, shoes and jewellery. It also works with simple silver, gold and pearl accessories for a classy, understated look. What’s not to love?


Let me know which colour combos you go to time and time again.

4 Proven Ways to Get Ready in a Flash

Most of us could use a little more time to get ready (especially in the morning) but we probably aren’t prepared to wake up much earlier. We don’t have the option of getting to work or appointments whenever we want so the obvious solution is to find a way to put together fab outfits in minimal time.

It was probably drilled into your head from the time you were going to school and it seems like a no-brainer but I’m going to repeat it here anyway: prepare from the night before. Pre-planning an outfit and accessories allows you to get creative without feeling rushed.

I don’t do that very often though. I tend to dress according to my mood and Thursday night Natasha might not be Friday morning Natasha. Luckily, there are ways for people like me to get moving quickly in the morning as well.



I have a lot of black, white and grey clothes in both solids and prints and these form the basis of my wardrobe. Then I have more colourful pieces that can be mixed with the neutrals.  It’s easier to pull together an outfit quickly when you have several items that work with each other.


Try to keep bottoms together and tops together (sorted by colour family if possible).  I’m not that good so only my pants and skirts are like that but it helps since you don’t have to rummage as much. The accessories you use most often can also be kept together.



Hair and makeup can take up lots of time. A rushed morning isn’t the time to try a new eye shadow technique or follow a YouTube hairstyle tutorial. Practice that winged eyeliner on the weekend. If you’re a naturalista, consider protective styles since these make mornings way easier.


If all that fails, let creativity kick in. If you find yourself with just a few minutes to get ready and the first things you pick up make an unlikely combination, try it anyway. How about wearing that shirt your mom gave you that you think isn’t really you?  Or mixing prints for the first time?  Be open to trying new things.

Let me know in the comments what works for you. How do you get ready in a hurry?

*This post was first published on January 9, 2014 and updated on September 15, 2016.*

Fall Trends Perfect for Warmer Climates 2016

Welcome to this year’s edition of Fall Trends for People Who Don’t Actually Experience Fall. You can check out last year’s post if you’re interested.

If you love this season’s colours and layered looks but live in the Caribbean or somewhere else warm it’s easy to feel left out. Everyone is showing off their new boots and jackets and you’re still sweltering no matter how little clothing you’re wearing.  Luckily, there are usually Fall trends everyone can incorporate into their wardrobes and I’m particularly liking this year’s options.

I pulled together some of the pieces I think we can all rock no matter where we are: wide leg pants (again), jumpsuits, Baroque-inspired looks, menswear-inspired clothing, platform shoes and ear cuffs/mismatched earrings.

There are reasons why wide leg pants remain in style. They’re perfect for practically any body type, they’re comfortable and available in a wide range of prints and materials. and they can be dressed up or down.

Fall trends; wide leg pants


Topshop blue pants
$56 –

Dorothy Perkins pink pants

If you add nothing else to your wardrobe this season, ear cuffs and mismatched earrings are a cute way to try something new.  Cuffs are perfect if you want some extra bling without piercing your ear again.

fall trends, ear cuffs, mismatched earrings


Marchesa post earrings

Topshop cuff jewelry
$15 –

Bling Jewelry cz earrings

Bling Jewelry ear cuff

Like wide leg pants, jumpsuits have excellent versatility and if you’ve been rocking them all year long, do continue! Unlike those ladies in colder climates, you won’t have to add any extra layers so show off the full thing!

Fall trends, jumpsuits


Lost Ink sleeveless dress
$52 –

Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit

River Island pink jumpsuit
$64 –

Miss Selfridge jump suit
$73 –


It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel dressed until you’re wearing heels or if you refuse to wear anything but sneakers. There’s a platform shoe for you in Fall 2016. So add some extra height when you rock that cute dress for a night out or when you run errands in a jeans and tee.

Fall trends, platform shoes, platform sneakers


Platform shoes

Puma suede shoes
$100 –

Superga sneaker

Lace-up sandals

Baroque-inspired clothing is all about opulent floral prints, rich colours and soft velvet. This Fall trend is perfect for when you’re getting glammed up for a special occasion.

fall trends, baroque fashion, baroque inspired


Petite skirt
$48 –

Finally, on the opposite end of the spectrum, borrow some ideas from the boys. Think varsity cardigans, athletics influenced tops and off course, boyfriend jeans and watches with big faces. Throw in some brogues too!

fall trends, menswear, varsity cardigans


Hollister Co red top

Liam Fahy black flat
$240 –

Topshop metal watch
$105 –


Which of these Fall trends is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

… Not too grown up to play dress up!